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The Developer

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The maker of Candy Box is named aniwey (with a lower case a.).

He is 19 years old and lives in France, He made the original Candybox using JavaScript. He is releasing a sequel: Candy Box 2 on October the 24th when he is going to a game festival), he has stated some spoilers in his blog. He uses Twitter, not facebook and his email is aniwey@gmail.com.

The Developer is also a boss in the castle. He throws magic at you and if you attempt to erase it using a spell, you get killed. A message comes up that says, "Eh, he is the developer after all".

Boss info[edit | edit source]

The first text, "HELLO", is made of magic balls that deal 20 damage per hit.

The second text, "I'M GLAD YOU MADE IT THIS FAR", deals 32 damage per magic ball.

The third text, "<3", deals 9,999,999,999,999 damage per magic ball.

The Developer has 1,000,000,000 HP, but takes 60,000-70,000 (random) times base damage.

If the player uses black magic, Black Hole, or Erase Magic, a black hole will be formed at the player's location, dealing 5000 damage per hit. Teleport can dodge the Black Hole, but spell cooldown prevents Teleport from being used right after another spell.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Number 1[edit | edit source]

First, get a turtle potion. After this there is one way to kill him: 1) when you "touch" him, jump and use the turtle potion when the "HELLO" hits you and use the Erase Magic spell

The text says "you managed to beat me. congratulations :)" and you win 6 000 000 candies.

Number 2[edit | edit source]

First, equip Enchanted Knight's Armour, then any weapon of choice, along with Pink Leather Gloves. Make sure you have the xinopherydon claw as well. Then, just dash up to him and repeatedly jump. When you're at the brink of where you can go, cast Erase Magic and it should kill him before he kills you. As long as you're jumping, you win.

But if you have Turtle Potion, you can win without even trying to jump!

Number 3[edit | edit source]

Use black hole spell from Number 1, then Teleport and see that the developer is killing himself with his own black hole:

Number 4[edit | edit source]

First, enchant as few items as possible throughout the game. This is so you can make as many pains au chocolats as possible. put AT LEAST four into getting "more power" as this gives you an 80% attack boost. Put any remaining pains au chocolats into health. Ignore magic for now. So long as you have the claw that gives you a *2 boot to attack power, and an unenchanted knights armor, and the scythe equipped, brew up a couple turtle potions and take him on. (For hardmode you'll want the Giant Spoon of Doom instead of the scythe.) Take the turtle potion as soon as the first wave is about to hit you. Waste any time jumping or you might take too long. Deadly third wave is deadly.

Do not equip the enchanted armor! This will leave you with too little attack power to kill the developer before the third wave hits you!

Number 5[edit | edit source]

First, get two pains au chocolats and use them for health and attack. Be sure to be at max health. Equip the octopus's crown with jaspers, pink enchanted gloves, scythe, rocket boots, and knights body armor. Be sure to have the unicorn horn and xinopherydon claw, as these are essential. Begin attacking the developer and squeeze. Then use a cloning potion and jump to the highest place possible. Use a turtle potion, and then a berserker potion and before the second wave hits the developer should die.

Number 6[edit | edit source]

With enough health, a turtle potion, a lot of health potions, and full magic boost, it may be possible to use a black hole spell, then actually escape the developer's black hole. (Note: This has been tested but does not work all the time)

Read from bottom to top:

You gain 42000000 candies.

You managed to beat me. Congratulations :)

The developer killed the developer with a blackhole. (and found 420000 (...) (42000000 found so far)

You cast a teleport spell!

You cast the black hole spell!

You're attacking the developer.

Number 7[edit | edit source]

Equip the enchanted summoning tribal spear, the Octopus King crown with obsidian, the enchanted Knight's Body Armor, the pink leather gloves and the boots of introspection. Drink turtle potion before the first and second waves hit, and drink health potions constantly through the second wave. Teleport constantly through the third wave until all the magic balls in it have been used up killing the octopodes and tribesmen that your equipment is spawning. You are now free to destroy the developer (just remember not to use any spells that will trigger a black hole).



Number 8[edit | edit source]

There is a way to kill the developer without magic or spells. Equip the Giant Spoon of Doom, the Octopus King crown with jaspers, the unenchanted knight's body armor and the pink leather gloves. Be sure to have the unicorn horn and the xinopherydon claw. If you have enough health and attack gifts, the developer should die before the second wave. THIS DOES WORK

Number 9[edit | edit source]

Equip enchanted knight's armor, but select 'nothing' for weapon. When you touch the developer, use black demons and he kills himself with his black hole. This doesn't work unless you have max hp and a turtle potion.

Number 10[edit | edit source]

Equip enchanted knight's armor with 3000+ health and then when you touch him use black demons.