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The Xinopherydon is a enemy that is found in the left room of the Desert Fortress. It is located in the very top right of the quest. It appears to be a "dinosaur-looking" creature. Described in-game, it is a “two-headed ancient animal everyone believed to be extinct".

The Xinopherydon has 5,000 health and only uses melee attacks, so no magic. Upon killing, it drops 30,000 candies and the Xinopherydon claw.

/o  \___     ___
\__     \___/  o\
   \     _     _/
    \   / \   /
     \_/   \_/

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The best way to kill a Xinopherydon is to equip the Rocket Boots and the Monkey Wizard Staff(or even better, the enchanted version). Then fly over to the room below the Xinopherydon and spam black demons (if you have that spell).