The Sea

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The beginning wave of The Sea

The Sea is a dungeon that is accessible after completing the cave entrance. To get to The Sea, just enter The Pier and then click on the Jump into the sea button.

Because the sea is an infinite level, if you leave it or die, you will always keep the candies and the treasures you find. You can find the Shell Powder, Magical sponge, Magical green shark fin, Magical red shark fin and the Magical purple shark fin exclusively in The Sea

There are many enemies in The Sea. There are big fish at first, and then some small fish. After a while, jellyfish will start to appear. Then, sharks and sea snakes will swim by. There can be a mix of these animals as you go along.

Waves[edit | edit source]

Enemies in The Sea spawn in waves. These waves are mostly fixed, with some random choices between two or three possible waves.

The Shell Powder and the Sponge are generated independent of the waves.

  • The Shell Powder is generated after 500 tiles.[1]
  • The Sponge is generated after 793 tiles.[2]

Distance note: A tile is the width of an ASCII character (a letter, number, or other symbol). The status bar at the top of the page has a width of 100 tiles. The Sea moves at 10 tiles per second unless the player is blocked.

A wave of small fish

Group 1[edit | edit source]

Two waves (possibly same) for 100 tiles each, randomly chosen from: [3]

  • Small Fish [4]
  • Small Fish at half density. Same as above, but each fish has only 50% chance of appearing [5]
  • Medium Fish, each with 20% chance of appearing [6]

Group 2[edit | edit source]

A large group of Small Fish spawn in a pattern, for a distance of 50 tiles. Randomly chosen from squares, crosses or lines. [7][8]

Group 3 (possibly the same)[edit | edit source]

Randomly chosen from:[9]

  • One group of 3 small sharks ("a dangerous fish"), for a distance of 60 [10]
  • Jellyfish at a rate of 10%, for a distance of 100 [11]

Group 4 [12][13][edit | edit source]

Five Seahorses spawn at the right side of the screen, which do not move horizontally. Four Seahorses are stationary, and one moves vertically with the player. All Seahorses spit out blue fireballs straight forwards which do a large amount of damage, so avoiding these is critical.

The wave ends when all Seahorses are dead

Group 5 [14][15][edit | edit source]

Two to three big Sharks for a distance of 125.

Group 6 / End [16][edit | edit source]

Sea Snakes and large Sharks spawn

  • Sea Snakes are invincible and intangible. They shoot out extremely powerful blue water balls which deal 300 damage, but do not damage on contact or stop the player from moving [17]
  • The longer the wave lasts, the more frequently the Sharks and Snakes spawn
  • The sharks with special fins appear after certain distances from the start of the final wave:
    • Red: 150
    • Green: 700
    • Purple: 2500

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Boots of Introspection can be used here by moving yourself down to touch the tops/bottoms of hills at the sea floor, but you can use the sides of the hills to stop yourself if you don't have the boots.
  • In The Sea, your character is larger.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • To attack the Seahorses, you need a ranged weapon. The Fireball spell is good for this, but the Monkey Wizard Staff, Enchanted Monkey Wizard Staff, Octopus King's Crown with Jaspers, or Red Enchanted Gloves can work too.
  • The Sea Snakes can easily one-shot you if you have low health, so try to prioritize avoiding these, or wait until you can increase your maximum health.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The sponge being generated after 793 tiles is a reference to the sponge scientist Robert Edmond Grant, born in 1793.[18]

The Octoking Infinity Exploit[edit | edit source]

This exploit can get you a large amount of candies from The Sea. The exploit uses the octopus minion to attack enemies, which provides you with a steady flow of candies. These are the steps to pulling the Octoking Infinity stunt off:

  1. Equip the Octopus King's Crown with the Obsidian Enchantment. If you don't, get it by killing Octopus King and enchanting the Octopus King's Crown
  2. Jump into the sea at the Pier
  3. You can either block yourself at Fish, or at the Jellyfish. Jellyfish give 150 candies each, while Fish give 15 each. To block yourself, get into whatever you're blocking yourself in (e.g. if you chose Fish, you go into fish).
  4. After you're in, get stuck behind an Octopus King that you summoned. Note: sometimes Fish run out, so often Jellyfish are best.
  5. Just wait and the Octopus Kings will kill Fish/Jellyfish for you, with no input!

Note: Don't worry if you see the occasional "A Jellyfish killed an Octopus King with its poisoned tentacles", the chance that a jellyfish kills one of your minions (octopus kings) is around 1/25. The chance that an octopus king will spawn for you is around 1/10, so you'll gain octopus kings. Eventually it fills the screen, but that's fine.