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The Devil

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The Devil is a boss that has 666 health. He is located in Hell and can be accessed by talking to The Dragon and selecting "Challenge".

This quest also contains The Bat God which makes it significantly more challenging to fight The Devil.

He drops The A stone and 1,000,000 candies when you kill him.

      /(    )\        
      \ \__/ /        
      (      )        
       \    /         
        \  /          
    (/\l`;`-" ,;      
    ' d -  :\`v-      
   /    )|  ) vv, 
   ,) /  li\    '   
         | |  l ;   
      i  e              
     \  ;   " l d |

Strategies[edit | edit source]

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Using the Boots of Introspection and the Enchanted Knight's Body Armor, it is incredibly easy. With over 400 health, spawn Black Demons from the Black magic grimoire.