The Bat God

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The Bat God ("Camazotz") is a side boss in Hell, the main boss being The Devil. He flies above you and drops enemies on you, attempting to slow you down.

        /    \
   _    \` ˊ /    _
  / `'-._)  (_.-'` \
 /      /    \      \
/.-.-.-.\    /.-.-.-.\
      \è é/
       ) (
       ooOo .-'-.
      oOo   ;° °;

Upon killing, it drops 1,000,000 candies.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The best way to kill him is to wait until he bounces against a wall. Once he is there, use Black Demons to kill the enemies that he is dropping on you, and then right away use the black hole spell to kill him.

Or if that way isn't best enough, you can use the boots of introspection, and jump forward to a point just short of the first lava pit. The bat god will drop it's spawns directly into the lava, where they will be destroyed, and from there you can kill the bat god using any ranged method.

Another method is to use the rocket boots and slowly smack him to death.