Black magic grimoire

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The Black magic grimoire will grant you two additional spells, the black demon spell and the obsidian wall spell.

Description[edit | edit source]

You found this grimoire in a cave, it was very hard to reach, and that was for a reason. It provides you two powerful black magic spells. The first one will create in front of you a giant wall made of obsidian bricks, which can be useful to slow down your enemies. The second one will summon a swarm of demons attacking everyone in the quest, including you. Be careful with this one.

      .   .
    ////// |
   |====|  |
   | BM |  |
   |_/\_|  |
   |\  /|  |
   | \/ |  |
   | OD | /

Location[edit | edit source]

The Black magic grimoire is found in the 2nd deepest chest in The Hole. To get to it, simply obtain the Magical sponge and either the Rocket Boots, the Beginner's grimoire, or you can teleport to the top using a p potion. One of these items are needed since you need someway to get back out and get to the bottom of the hole to complete the quest. If you can't complete the quest, then you don't get the items you collected.

Here is a screenshot of the guy in his "squeezed" form falling into the little hole

BMG howto find.png